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List of international awards received by Alireza Karimi Moghadam

Alireza's cartoons show that Van Gogh's life was all about beauty and love. It may have had a bitter ending, but it was inspirational for the future. This website is to promote "Fancy Look to the works and life of Van Gogh" where you can find love, hope and happiness. Following you will find some of his international awards: First prize winner of the graphic art festival from Turkey in Istanbul in 1997. Winner of the Specialty of the Italian Graphic Arts Festival "Marostica" in 1997. Winner of the Special Award for the Italian Graphic Arts Festival "Marostica" in 1999. Selected Biennial of International Caricature of Tehran in 2001. The winner of the third prize of the BAKU ( Azerbaijan Republic...

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Javali Giveaway winners

Thank you so much to all our lovely followers for your kindness and support. We entered all the name of everybody who subscribed to our website Newsletter into a random name generator picker and the winners are: For three 12x17″ prints of your choice, Signed by the artist.   1- sh****art415@gmail.com 2-mic****la.ruzickova666@gmail.com 3-e****a@ednastradioto.com.br   For ten 8x12″ print of your choice, Signed by the artist   1-pm****uro@gmail.com 2-facu****osoni@gmail.com 3-carl****uda@gmail.com 4-liv****an@gmail.com 5-meul****sterb@yahoo.fr 6-fakh****andt@yahoo.com 7-fta****@libero.it 8-aysenur****es4026@gmail.com 9-finjabi****@gmx.de 10- dar4****@aol.com   We will contact you via email. Thank you very much   Many Congratulation Javali Team https://youtu.be/Kg0p-FnuiZM

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An interview with the Artist: Van Gogh is still alive in cartoons!

  Alireza Karimi Moghaddam was born in Iran in 1975, Vincent Van Gogh in Netherland in 1853, they met each other after over a hundred years: how? In colors, art and poetry. The Iranian artist speaks, about his inspiration and the huge influence of Vincent Van Gogh is his work. You are a cartoonist and illustrator, on your Instagram page you have other illustrations, why and when did the passion for Van Gogh appear? Yes, I am a cartoonist. Basically, my personal interest is in "cartoon". Drawing a cartoon is a basic need just like eating and sleeping for me. A physiological need that has become a natural part of my life. I convey my thoughts to my audience through cartoons as...

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