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About the Artist

He started drawing and painting since He was a child. His father was a graphic designer, and He was familiar with drawing and painting tools since he was a child but It was 30 years ago that officially one of his artworks was published in a popular magazine. From his youth onward he has been in fond of impressionism and post impressionism. Van Gogh, Gogen and the other artists of that period. In fact, this interest was the reason for commencement fantasy lifestyle of van Gogh in his illustrations.


Alireza karimi Moghadam:
"On the contrary of the common belief that van Gogh was desperate personality, I do believe that van Gogh was in love with life. He loved people and this love is vivid in his artworks. I and van Gogh have a deep friendship in my imagination. He has revealed some secretes of his life for me that others know nothing about that. If you are curious about these secrets, you should look at my illustrations"